Face The Monster (and strip it off its power!)

We’ve all been there… there’s that ONE issue, this thing that is gnawing at us night and day, and it is so uncomfortable/scary/complicated to approach, yet we avoid it by keeping busy and drowning out the noise.

First, define your “monster”: Is it something within you? A trait you dislike or brought some problems? Is it someone else? Who? – whatever is popping into your mind as you read this is IT!

The sooner you face this ‘monster’ the sooner relief will come. You may be thinking: “whoa, how can facing this scary monster be the solution??” Because until you do, the monster will have a monstrous (tots pun intended) effect on you. Instead of feeling persecuted by it, try to face this issue head-on. The monster often gets diminished once we look it in the eye and deconstruct it, piece, by piece. DreaMe is right here by your side! Let us show you how to break down this beast. See, it’s not really that scary after all :)