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DreaMe has a built in alarm clock to gently wake you


DreaMe is an app that helps you record and remember your dreams. Our digitized dream journal allows you to dictate your dream as soon as you wake up. You’ll build a personalized collection of dreams with insightful interpretations.

It’s a morning ritual: The alarm goes off, we groggily open our eyes, and promptly forget everything that passed through our mind during the night. It’s estimated that we forget 95 percent of our dreams within five minutes of waking up, meaning we lose a bulk of the weird and potentially insightful stuff we think about while asleep. 

Now, with your DreaMe, once you deactivate the alarm, you’ll be prompted to record your dreams either by voice or typing. DreaMe will ask you a series of contextual questions; and voila!


Our DreaMe Technology learns as you dream. Every journal entry enhances your personalized analysis as it gains context of your life and experiences. Our deep-learning analytics provides you individualized interpretations.

We’ll look for patterns, starting your journey to self discovery and growth. Depending on your privacy settings, you can keep your journal to yourself, or you can anonymously share your dreams with our Global Dream Wisdom Bank; allowing your identity-cleansed data to be pushed to a puffy cloud where global dream and sleep patterns are analyzed.

The more you use the app, the better it gets at visualizing patterns and making connections between your sleep patterns, and how it relates to your daily life.


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Happiness begins before our feet hit the floor


connect with a coach

your journey is personal, level up with custom interpretations


A.I. is great and all but it is still new and it takes a lot of data for it to start making sense. We all value the insights in our dreams differently. That is why with DreaMe you can get personal service from one of our in-house trained DreaMe Coaches. IRL dream experts adding their intuition and expertise to provide custom guidance and insightful interpretations during your personal dream journey.

Coaching accelerates your progress by providing focus and awareness. It concentrates on where you are now and what you are willing to do to get where you want to be in the future, recognizing that results are a matter of your intentions, choices and actions.

95% of dreams are forgotten if not recorded within 5 minutes of waking up”


I’ve never really payed attention to my dream, but SanSan is a friend of a friend so I figured I’d try it. Holy Smokes.. I had no idea how much IRL I was working out while I was sleeping. Completely addicted! -Harper M.

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This is a nice app for tracking your dreams. It’s is super convenient to wake up in the morning and share my dream while it is fresh in my mind. I am looking forward to seeing the summary at the end of the year. Brett B.

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I have been using a notebook for years but it I’ve always wondered what they mean, I connected with a DreaMe Coach and now I get to talk about the interpretation with her. It’s so cool! -Marie M.

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a dream uninterpreted is like a letter unopened.


A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow
— Charlotte Brontë


Jung proposed two basic approaches to analyzing dream material: the objective and the subjective. In the objective approach, every person in the dream refers to the person they are: mother is mother, girlfriend is girlfriend, etc. In the subjective approach, every person in the dream represents an aspect of the dreamer.


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