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Meet Sansan

Meet the Founder & CEO,

Sansan Fibri is no joke, even though the last series she produced was acquired by Comedy Central. The last fifteen years she has been Dream Analysis, yes it is a real thing.  Through the process of decoding her own dreams she felt a stronger connection to her surroundings and understanding of herself.

It blended all aspects of her life and begun recognizing it improve her relationships with colleagues, family, and friend’ impacting her overall mental health. “Once I started feeling completely in-tune with myself, I just couldn’t keep it to myself. I built the mobile app so dream therapy could be accessible to everyone. I never dreamt that I would be developing IOS and Android apps, building algorithm's, and teaching ai the science of dreaming. DreaMe’s do come true!

I’ve had incredibly vivid dreams since I was a child. The sensation of the dream had a way of staying with me throughout the day. I believed my dreams were telling me something, revealing unconscious desires, releasing my fears, and helping me work through life issues that were plaguing my mind. When I was able to tap into my dreams I was able to process through the purest and most profound emotions. This treasure trove of deep self-insights seemed too important to ignore.

I wanted to understand the language of dreams and skillfully translate the nightly messages my subconscious was sending. I began studying Jungian methods of Dream Analysis, it not only was I able to contextualize my own dreams, but I was able to help the people around me become more aware of their own dreams.

It’s not a ‘One Size Fits All’ kinda thing. The mind crafts a story and unconsciously it pulls every aspect of your waking life into your slumber. The only way to way to uncover its meaning is for it to be paired with the individual context of your life.”

Writing  all of my dreams in a  journal was not enough, months would go buy and I’d forget tertiary details that I’d have to go back to reference as I started noticing patterns. There was just too much information that was falling through the cracks.  I’ve downloaded every Dream app and tried them all; always left disappointed and underwhelmed with vague interpretations.

When I heard Apple were casting for a show titled ‘Planet of the Apps’ – a ‘shark tank’-like Apple TV show for pitching app ideas, I saw an opportunity to build it right. If the right technology, experience, and science was mixed with aggregated analytics, could we transform the collective unconscious to live a more self-aware and connected life?

meet the DREAME TEAM:

Without them Sansan would still be just dreamin’…

Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.
— Edgar Cayce