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The only AI-Powered Dream Interpretation App, Dream Coach
Matching Platform & Global Dream Wisdom Bank.


Our mission is to help people people to change their life through their dreams! We give them the tools to gain significant insight and decode their dreams, thus improving the quality of their sleep. We're on a mission to improve the waking lives of millions of people. Let's revolutionize the way people dream!



At DreaMe our vision is to be the world's leading global dream insight database, providing millions of people worldwide with easy, fun and intuitive tools to access meaningful self insights and revolutionize dreaming.

Millions of individuals, as well as society as a whole, will finally reap the benefits and gain empowerment with the simple self-knowledge tools DreaMe provides.

But that is not all. DreaMe will be positioned at the forefront of medical and scientific sleep and dream research. The mental-health, sleep-health and well-being communities stand to gain knowledge that will help them better serve us all.




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